How Much Does G2a Shield Cost

Is it Truth When Wrapped in Deceit? G2A is pretty smart. They know that because they often have the best deals on games, people are going to buy from them.
how much does g2a shield cost

G2A – Don’t Believe Their Half-Truths

Is it Truth When Wrapped in Deceit? G2A is pretty smart. They know that because they often have the best deals on games, people are going to buy from them. A good deal is a good deal. G2A has become the king of responses that say nothing while openly attacking those accusing of them of wrongdoing or otherwise criticizing their business practices.

This has happened yet again in their recent dealings with Gearbox Software. G2A’s response to Gearbox’s list of demands does all that while taking the opportunity to try to beef up their own reputation. What G2A responded with reads more like an advertisement than a refutation, with plenty of deception and half-truths thrown in for good measure.

Most of what they claim in their response can be seen as untrue from my article I wrote last year , but this has offered up some new information, as well as providing the opportunity to get into the specifics of why G2A is so awful. This article is going to go through the entirety of G2A’s response, pointing out where G2A is misleading or not telling the whole truth, and expanding on certain elements of G2A beyond the scope of their response to further illustrate their many problems.

This last week brought forth a lot of confusion, and caused a lot of inaccurate information to appear on the internet about G2A.

Although this saddens us, at the same time we are also glad to have the opportunity to thoroughly explain many of the inaccuracies and misunderstandings tied to G2A. COM is working together with Gearbox Publishing. Our partner, Gearbox Publishing, unfortunately decided to publicly publish a letter with a list of ultimatums, without consulting us about the truth of the allegations made by John Bain.

This is an excellent example that rash actions, without full knowledge of the facts, can be harmful to both the developer and the marketplace.

Especially since all of the requests made of G2A. COM in the ultimatum have in fact long been part of our marketplace. This is how G2A begins their response. That the public list of demands and press release from Gearbox Software led to inaccurate information and confusion.

This is because, as they say, all of the things listed in Gearbox’s demands, what they call ultimatums, have been in the G2A marketplace for a “long” time. Like I said before, G2A is pretty smart. For those unaware, G2A Shield is a service G2A offers that provides certain benefits like cash back on purchases, faster customer service response time, and other things.

The assumption here is that G2A Shield’s purpose is fraud protection, at least primarily. Here’s where G2A starts: We agree that every buyer on the marketplace should be protected — and that is exactly how it is on G2A. We firmly attest that G2A. COM protects and secures both our sellers and buyers far better than most functioning marketplaces.

In the very rare cases in which a purchased key does not work properly, each user has the right to issue a complaint, and either receive a different key or a refund. G2A Shield members get a “convenient and secure shopping experience” according to the advertisement on its page. The implication here seems to be that those without G2A Shield do not get a convenient and secure shopping experience. Or does it mean that G2A Shield members’ purchases are more secure in that they will somehow be at less of a risk of purchasing those fraudulent keys?

Either way, it seems like G2A Shield offers some higher level of fraud protection. That’s not the only place they use such language either. There is a G2A Shield page within each member’s account page that also details its features, trying to sell it to them. What you see in the above image is an example of their marketing of the service.

Do customers without G2A Shield not have access to safe purchases or are they just not guaranteed that all of their purchases are safe? Security should never be a membership perk you have to pay for.

For any and every other business ever, it is considered the bare minimum. G2A then continues by looking at the process of what a customer without G2A Shield goes through when a key does not work: If the buyer does not have a Shield subscription: The buyer reports the problem to the seller.

The message receives a case number, and our employees G2A. Our customer support then contacts the seller, to give them a chance to clarify any doubts, and then our customer support team does everything they can to bring about a satisfactory resolution for both parties.

The buyer typically receives a resolution in a matter of hours, in contrast to many other marketplaces where users sometimes must wait a few weeks to receive an answer or never receive an answer at all. It’s pretty straightforward but does not address a key issue, one that G2A says, as you will see in a bit, does not exist. Where does the refund or new key come from then? G2A claims later in this response that they often eat the refund for customers, but I can’t imagine them not trying everything they can to get out of it.

And why might this be an issue you ask? Because anyone can make an account in no time flat, post up keys for sale, then disappear. Nobody will get a response from them. They sold their stuff, got their money, and now they’re done. Here’s the more likely scenario. Someone buys a bunch of keys for games with stolen credit card information. They then put the keys up for sale on G2A or another site like it. The key sells, it works, the buyer and seller walk away happy.

Later, the credit card owner sees the charge, issues a chargeback, and the original retailer of the keys has to return the money for the keys and often a fee as well. When many developers or publishers get word of a batch of keys taken with stolen credit card information, they often cancel those keys. This is the exact process a happily self-proclaimed scammer told to Kotaku. It is best summed up here: He makes money by selling the Steam keys.

Chargebacks can occur days, weeks, or months later, which means Reis has plenty of time to sell the Steam key sent to his email address. So the used-to-be happy and now not-happy buyer comes back to talk to the seller because his key magically does not work. The seller doesn’t exist anymore. What does G2A do in that situation? They don’t really say. And they won’t say because they do not acknowledge illegally obtained keys being sold on their platform. G2A claims it does not have a lot of fraudulent keys being sold on their platform.

Before we get more into illegally obtained keys, let’s see what the G2A Shield member goes through when they have a key that does not work: If the buyer does have a Shield subscription: The buyer does not have to contact the seller — but simply needs to describe the problem to G2A. The buyer will most likely receive a refund during the chat which last a few minutes, and G2A.

COM takes it upon itself to contact the seller and resolve the case on that end. G2A Shied [sic] is very well-priced given the benefits it offers. This of course does not mean that we do not realize the service still requires a lot of improvement. We are constantly working on Shield and we will debut many new solutions over the coming months. Again this seems to add to that confusion G2A spoke about in their introduction, as the service is entirely different for those with and without G2A Shield—not just in the speed of customer service.

For those without G2A Shield, they have to contact the seller, then G2A, then G2A has to contact the seller, and then the buyer may get a refund depending on what G2A finds. Those with Shield contact G2A and have the opportunity to be refunded before G2A ever contacts the seller.

That seems like a pretty significant difference to me. In one, there’s a real chance a buyer does not get a resolution. Why would a scammer care about making G2A happy if they got their money?

They can just as easily make a new account and get on with it. So, again, what does G2A do in that situation? They have not said. But the G2A Shield member is sitting happy in that they have a real chance they get their refund before this knowledge of the seller ever takes place. Again, that seems like there’s a difference in the fraud protection. So not only is the marketing for G2A Shield suspect, so is their explanation. It just brings up more questions, the most important being, is G2A Shield a service that offers better fraud protection or not?

By G2A’s own description, it appears to be the case. It’s worth reiterating that security and fraud protection should never be up for sale. It is the bare minimum. Before leaving G2A Shield entirely, as G2A’s response has nothing left to say, there are a few more things to look at.

To cancel the service is to go through an eternity of pages, clicks, and attempts to keep you paying. It’s best shown off here. Over ten steps and some waiting to cancel the service.

I think all can agree that is more than ridiculous. G2A recognized the problem in a reddit AMA they held a couple of months ago where they said that changes would be coming soon. As far as I know, the problem with cancelling G2A Shield remains the same. Then there’s the little predatory snafu with Indiegala last month.


Hi guys,recenlty bought some games and there was a subscription fee for the g2a says payment is monthly and how do I cancel this subscirption?. G2A has been in the news a lot lately. After a bit of a public spat with Tiny Build and some fraudulent keys sold via G2A, I followed with interest. Results 1 – 25 of 31 But, on the other hand, they have introduced a monthly G2A Shield . Charging $ for Shield means their prices are starting to catch up to.

G2A Warning. Shady auto sub to G2A PLUS.

C4pM I’m sure most people know what they are in for when buying from G2A, but as a warning to those as gullible as me A week ago I bought my 1st game on G2A. After the transaction, I logged in to get the key and was notified that I have 7 days free access to G2A Plus.

It eliminates the need to have other separate devices for these purposes. The app is compatible with almost all the Windows OS.

WATCH VIDEO: G2A Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of | 2 of 5

They sign you up to a monthly subscription fee if you buy anything from them and Bought many keys from G2A, all of them came out as valid and they were. Results 1 – 25 of 31 But, on the other hand, they have introduced a monthly G2A Shield . Charging $ for Shield means their prices are starting to catch up to. That’s why G2A offers a subscription service called G2A Shield. Then on the next screen it offers you a half-price deal, and another deal pops.

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